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Keli Classical Theatre Festival 2015 (On Kathakali) Presented by Padmashree Kalamandalam Gopi and Group

Keli is now entering the 23rd year of its tireless journey in pursuit of excellence in the rich and diverse forms of India's artistic traditions. The forthcoming 3 day long Keli festival scheduled on 16,17,18 January 2015 will focus on Kathakali. Kathakali, one of India's major dance drama traditions, is a synthesis of many arts traditions carefully developed within the frame work of the Sanskrit Theatre.

Pandi Melam is one of the major forms of chenda melam. Comprising of instruments like chenda, ilathalam, kombu and kuzhal, Pandi melam is capable of creating a fascinating sound environment,rhythmic patterns and percussive accents unique to the world. Pandi melam is basically a 7 beat ensemble.

Thayambaka is an intricate and aesthetically formulated rhythm work. It is believed to have flourished during the 1900s, spans an average of 90 minutes. It begins at a slow pace before scaling on to a medium tempo and eventually culminating in high, frenzied speed. Thayambaka allows maximum individual freedom to..

About Keli

KELI is a Mumbai based organization registered as a Charitable trust striving to preserve, develop and propagate the classical cultural heritage of India, many of which are now on the verge of extinction. Keli has been active in this field for the last 20 years and during this period, has successfully handled a number of important projects in furtherance of its objectives. The annual Keli festivals, structured thematically every year, are well known to artists and art lovers of the City and have earned the organization a significant place in the cultural life of Mumbai.

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